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If anyone has lived in Haggerston estate, however long ago, please get in touch with us as our research on the estate continues and your contribution would be invaluable.

Other responses from the press, blogs and other media are collated in the responses section.
Please let us know if you post anything.

The purpose of our 'responses' section is to follow the dissemination of a public art work. We decided to post anything we come accross, in its original form. We are interested in seeing how a work in the public domain is interpreted and appropriated by different actors in the public domain.

More detailed information about the project can be found here.

For our thoughts on site specificity and instrumentality please refer to 'streetsigns' issue, spring 2010, or Art/Site: on site specificity.

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Estate, a Reverie, Houston Cinema Arts Festival, USA, November 12-19, 2015


Towards Estate as part of the Jarman Award 2015 touring program:

FACT, Liverpool, Tuesday 29 September, 2015
The MAC, Belfast, Thursday 1 October, 2015
CIRCA Projects / Tyneside Cinema, Wednesday 7 October, 2015
CCA, Glasgow, Thursday 8 October, 6:30pm, 2015
Chapter, Cardiff, Tuesday 13 October, 6:00pm, 2015
+ Estate, a Reverie; Screenings followed by talk with artist Andrea Luka Zimmerman
Watershed, Bristol, Wednesday 14 October, 2015
HOME, Manchester, Tuesday 20 October, 2015
Nottingham Contemporary, Tuesday 20 October, 2015
Turner Contemporary, Margate, Saturday 31 October, 2015
Towner, Eastbourne, 5-8 November, 2015
CIRCA Projects/Tyneside Cinema, Tuesday 10 November, 2015
Plymouth Art Centre, Thursday 12 November, 5:45pm, 2015
+ Estate, a Reverie; Screenings followed by talk with artist Andrea Luka Zimmerman


Estate, a Reverie, Heart of the City Festival, SFU Woodwards, Vancouver, Canada, October 31st, 2015

Estate, a Reverie,, YERBA BUENA CENTER FOR THE ARTS, San Fransisco, October 2015

The Delmarva Chicken of Tomorrow, Harvest Film Festival, Lower Hewood Farm, 10 October 2015

Estate, a Reverie, Urbanise Film Festival, Vienna, Austria, October 8th, 2015

Towards Estate, A-Side - B-Side gallery, THE POOR DOOR, curated by Tinsel Edwards, October 8th, 2015

Estate, a Reverie, Milano Design Film Festival, Italy, October 2015

Estate, a Reverie, Artsadmin, Toynbee Hall, London, October 23rd, 2015

Estate, a Reverie, Oxford University, October 13th, 2015

Estate, a Reverie, Cube Cinema, Bristol, October 4th, 2015

Towards Estate + Andrea Luka Zimmerman and David Roberts on post screening panel at NOW Gallery, The Gates of Perception: Moving image and the built environment: the art of human scale, Sep. 23rd 2015

Towards Estate, RE-GENERATED FUTURES | 8 SEPTEMBER 12:30-7PM | BUSSEY BUILDING, 133 RYE LANE, SE15 4ST, September 12th, 2015

Estate, a Reverie, BFI, London on Film Season, August 27th, 2015

Taskafa, Stories of the Street, Arkipel Filmfestival, Jakarta, Indonesia, August 2015

Estate, a Reverie, Unit projects, Blackpool, July 16th, 2015

Estate, a Reverie, East End Filmfestival, July 4th, 2015

Estate, a Reverie, Open City Doc festival, June 21st 2015

Towards Estate, “Pack Up and Move No”, BFI, 10th May 2015

1 minute segment from Estate, a Reverie is part of The Film That Buys The Cinema: ’70 Takes, One Feature Film’, Horse Hospital, London, April 25th, 2015

Estate, a Reverie, RCA, Why Would I Lie, Special Preview and q and a, April 24th, 2015

Estate, a Reverie, Winnipeg Architecture Film Festival, April 17th, 2015.

Taskafa, Stories of the Street, John Berger day, Royal College Of Art, April 17th, 2015

Estate, a Reverie , Budapest Architecture Film Days, Hungarian Contemporary Architecture Center, March 5th, 2015

Real Estates, PEER Gallery, February 18th – March 28 2015

Estate, a Reverie, Tromsoe International Film festival, Norway, Jan 12th - 18th, 2015

Taskafa, Stories of the Street, Vancouver Turkish Film Festival, Canada, January 25th, 2015

The next screening will be at the RIO Cinema, in Dalston, January 10th, 2.30.

Estate, a Reverie World Premiere, 2.30pm, 22nd Nov. 2014
22nd November, 2014 2:30 am — 5:30 am
Dear friends, supporters and fellow travellers of our film Estate, a Reverie:

Please join us for the world premiere of the film, with an in-depth discussion and an exclusive opening set by Nonesuch label artist, the wonderful singer-songwriter Olivia Chaney.

Estate, a Reverie tracks the passing of the Haggerston Estate in Hackney, London and the utopian promise of social housing it offered, with an unruly celebration of extraordinary everyday humanity.

Filmed over seven years, Estate, a Reverie seeks to reveal and celebrate the resilience of residents who are profoundly overlooked by media representations and wider social responses. Interweaving intimate portraits with the residents' own historical re-enactments and dramatised scenes, Estate, a Reverie asks how we might resist being framed exclusively through class, gender, ability or disability, and through geography even…

To mark this very special screening in the community cinema that is closest to the estate, and which has served Hackney for decades, tickets for this event are only £4, so that everybody who wishes to can come.

You can book tickets here. We hope to see you there. Thank you for your attention.

hello everyone, just to let you know the final block is about to come donw, and Brian Longman, a former resident, is doing a walking tour on the 15h of August, meeting outside Samuel House at 5.30, and I will give a brief talk too. maybe see you there, Andrea

i am here was taken down on April 8th 2014, having been up for 4 years instead of 6 months....very strange. Will post update once we know when the building gets demolished.

thank you everyone who came to say good by to 'i am here'...i will post once we know when the building comes down, any moment now. Andrea

It's really been inspiring to see all these faces as I've cycled past every day. Was sad to see them go, and soon the building.

Dear Lowther house dweller, please get in touch with us, would be wonderful to speak with you. info at fugitiveimages dot org dot uk

I am really delighted by your work and memory of this place and people I have fond memories of. I am devastated haggerston was knocked down before I had the opportunity to go back and show my kids the first place their mum and dad lived together. I was not a Londoner and Haggerston had the most remarkable collection of people I've ever met. The lives some of my neighbours had led were incredible and my memories of my time there are of youth and joy. I lived in Lowther House and we had a neighbour, Karen who had murdered her ex husband and would tell stories of the east end firms, families who had four kids in one bed flats, and the lady in Lovelace whose curtains always twitched at the slightest bit of activity. People have said its a dangerous place and a hopeless place, but it made me feel alive, I was so intrigued by all the people I met and overwhelmed by the amount of people who died in my time there. I have fond secure members of Haggerston estate and it's people.

Dear all,

for the last three years the Haggerston Estate, on the Regents Canal in Hackney, London has been a major landmark - attracting the attention of national newspapers, television and the architectural community. As the block was partially emptied ahead of demolition, the remaining residents filled the bricked-up windows of the empty flats with the larger-than-life photographic faces of those who lived there. Now the silent celebrities of i am here are finally going to be heard and seen more fully.


We invite you to join us for an evening of screening, food and performance in support of the feature film Estate. We are delighted to announce acclaimed singer-songwriter Olivia Chaney will follow discussions with the cast and crew to headline with an intimate concert.

About Olivia:
Olivia’s distinctive and majestic blend of traditional and alternative folk has been described as ‘haunting and melodic’ and praised by LA Weekly and The Independent as ‘multi-talented… completely dizzying, a sound that didn't seem to be of this earth’ and ‘a star in the making'. www.oliviachaney.net

Estate chronicles the curious moment of creation and destruction as this dilapidated estate confronts its future. The final block will fall this autumn as a new construction rises alongside it. The film mixes documentary footage, archive material and fictional imagined scenes to reflect on urgent matters of regeneration, gentrification and architecture; its reasons, possibilities and consequences.
www.estatefilm.co.uk >

Date: Wednesday 13th June 2012
Time: 8pm (doors open 7pm)
Venue: Bethnal Green Working Men’s Club, 42-44 Pollard Row, E2 6NB Map available here
Admission: £8 concessions (proof of ID required), £10 advance, £12 on the door
Booking: Tickets available here

This is a wonderful idea and evening. I am from Turkey and ı wish I can be in here at that time I want to com USA but my plan is about november.

Thank you everyone who came to our Pages in Hackney presentation. Was a truly wonderful evening!

I worked on this estate from 1989 - 1998. I saw awful things happen there, it was a grosely inhospitable place, and full of very mad, very poor people. Lots of drugs, dangerous dogs, kids mauled by dogs... and i can honestly say this was one of the scariest places in London at that time.

thank you everyone who came to our event at the TINAG festival!!!

dear poster below (no22), we would love to talk to you, please send us an email at info@fugitiveimages.org.uk

This is a great piece of work and well done to the group behind this. I lived on the Estate for 15 years, leaving in the early 90s. Looking at the pictures and the building evoked many happy memories - it could have been one of my photographs on the window!

Wandering down Regents canal on a lovely, sunny Sunday afternoon I stumbled past something so inspiring and powerful that I could not sleep later that night.
I have been asking many questions of myself lately… What do I want from life, where am I going? What are my current goals? - A fierce and troll like Alan Sugar daily conducting a interview in my head and running a brief synopsis of my life.
My brain is like an onion, a moon wrapped in brown paper promising light. Twinkling until the early hours, always delaying rest with its power, but never quite receiving quite the same recognition as the Sun.
What if I could be more than just a ball of light, what if I could actually make a luminous, indelible mark somewhere, constantly reminding others of my existence?
Oh how I would love to take a stroll one muggy evening, hand in hand with the love of my life, to stop and stare, to giddily explain this is me, for the world to see.

And then it hit me. Do I not have any other desires? Do I not wish for a better job, a more refined physique and a fuller bank balance?
Not for now, no.
Just a picture will do, just a picture that expresses my love for London, and my happiness inside. Just a picture that says; 'I am here, I am alive, and excited about what the future will bring'
Just a picture...

Please help me fulfill my current ambition of being more than just a face on a wall,
oh how I would to show my future Grandchildren, I was once there, in London, for one and all…

it looks so strange now that the rest of the buildings are nearly down, and noone can see the orange boards any more on them.....makes your work look even more striking, wondersome and curious.

I love your work 'I am here'. I first saw it when looking round the Bridge Academy, standing on one of their roof top playgrounds. Every time we walk past we stop and look and make up stories about the residents.

What a terrific thing to do! We so often make assumptions and judgments about people simply because of where they live, what their neighborhood and home looks like. Somehow, the fact that they are the ‘other’ and not the ‘us’ or ‘we’ blinds us to the fact that ultimately ‘we’ includes everyone.
If all the window end up with photos, I hope you post it. Would love to see. It looks like such a diverse group of people who lived there.

I love watching the house martins nesting on the building. Are they considered?

Okay- messed up the link: http://bigartmob.com/view/5983/i-am-here

Well done guys! I added your project to the ,a href="http://bigartmob.com/view/5983/i-am-here">Big Art Mob. Jule

Truly impressing!
I learnt about the project, unfortunately I have not yet experienced it.
It's interesting to learn about it on the web, read the comments,
where (ops!) everybody automatically refer to reality, be it social, economical or political - not to the "arty" connection!
This is a proof of the success in finally having come to grips with the border line between art and reality. So many tried, few succeded, but you realised it!
Friend of Marie and socially oriented art

Looking through the responses it's intriguing to see how the knowledge is spreading through word of mouth, being interpreted by people who seem to have heard of it, but not quite got it right - talking of the portraits of people being those who have left, not those who are there, or calling it by a different name: "we live here", even mis-locating it.

And I observe; there are no absolute truths in the days of mass communication, only the perspective of the observer and the observed, so aptly demonstrated by both this work and the re-interpretations of it by those outside of it.

My family lived in Samuel House from 1939 till my mum had to get out in the 70's. Wonderful memories of life there.
Our flat is in the top photo. A beautiful flat with a bay window where the sun blasted in and I could watch my mum coming home from Hoxton with bags of shopping.

Here's some of my memories from those times.

The things we did when we were young
In the grounds of the flats where the washing hung
Played gobs, and skipped, run outs and ball
Knock down ginger, rounders and all

Over the baths for the weekly wash
All dried and mangled really looked posh
Down the Broadway for pie and mash
Popped in to Uncles to get the cash
Mum's new shoes wrapped up in a vest
"Five bob I'm afraid", that's my best.

The things we did when we were young
In the grounds of the flats where the washing hung
No parked cars to get in the way
Plenty of room for us to play
Tin can Tommy, donkey and keys
The ball smashed the window of poor Mrs. Lees
Out she'd come hollering and shouting
Then there was the Sunday school outing

All in the chara to Walton on Naze
First for a paddle, then in the maze
Tea and sandwiches then a sing song home
Guides and Brownies, I was a gnome.

The things we did when we were young
In the grounds of the flats
Where the washing hung

The tally man called every week
Look through the window, and take a peek
"Can't pay him this time, the coalman's due,
Your shoes are worn and you'll need some new"

Forces favourites, roast lamb dinners
Over the cut, to watch the swimmers
The big barges pulled, by the poor old horses
The boys of eighteen called up for the forces

No T.V. videos or holidays in Spain
A day at Southend in ther pouring of rain
No aerobics, slimming diets and such
Dandy and Beano we liked very much

The world has progressed or so they say
Though I'm not sure I like it that way
No battered old ladies - never heard of mugging
We had plenty of love and lots of hugging

The worlds took to pot and terror and hate
I wish it would stop before it's too late
Go back to the days when we were young
Where we played in the grounds where the washing hung.

www [dot] vimeo [dot] com/6744192

dedicated to the residents of Haggerston estate

http://www.vimeo.com/6744192 - dedicated to the residents of Haggerston estate

thank you for stopping to look at the work and your comments. the website will be growing over the course of the project, and we'll add to it over the next months. there'll be a few events organised around the work and we'll put these dates up as soon as they are confirmed. hope to see you at some of the events. Andrea

What an imaginative idea and excellent way of underpinning a community. The residents pictured must feel very chuffed to be recognised so prominently.

Maybe work on the website a bit, though. One has to be careful not to miss sections of it completely and it's a trifle annoying - after looking through the 26 images of progress on the project - then to have to work back through 26 pages to get back to the remainder of the site!

Why not take the project elsewhere? This could be an amazing public intervention for blighted estates all over the country?

The photographic project is visually simple and clear but with a real connection to the place and people. We look forward to continuing to engage with your project. Fascinating...and want to see more of the lady who paints stairways!

english version-second attempt..
I was there!! And soon will be there again.
Those houses and public spaces "made up" by communities, artists, animals, plants, things, should be re-opened and made use of. What could they become ? What would people (current residents/bypassers) like to see happening there? What can people who do not live there but might want to visit do to participate in the project? How can Tower Hamlets help this process of public art space to become part of the daily lives of people and things? How can this project travel elsewhere? Is the right to a shelter really a human right?
much love to the fugitives and to the first commentators who are there too!!! monica in nyc

I was there!! And soon will be there again.
Those houses and public spaces "made up" by communities, artists, animals, plants, things, should be re-opened and made use of. What could they become ? What would people there would like to see there happening? How can people who does not live there but might want to visit do ? How can Tower Hamlets help this process of public art space to become part of the daily lives of people and things? How can this project travel elsewhere? Is the right to a shelter really a human right?
much love to the fugitives and to the first commentators who are there too!!! monica in nyc

Great website to compliment a really great project. We went to the Launch and it war really good to see it all from the Academy terrace.
We also went over to the residents' party and had a closer look at the work.

Well done


we slipped away - i am on deadline for the book

i want to congratulate you ...the words 'empowerment', 'stakeholder' and 'participation' have been overused and have lost their meaning.

but if there is an example of the way in which stakeholders can truly be empowered as they participate in a community, i saw it today.

we spoke about the cost in money - but i suspect that the cost in time is far greater, and a far more important factor.

it is a tribute to the two of you that you have won the trust of such a diverse group. few others could have inspired the self belief that was manifested this morning...

proud of you!


This is a good idea however will more potraits be added as there are only a few and i live right near this building and the orange boarded up windows are not the most attractive things to see when i look out the window

i am here! hooray for the most beautiful, brilliant, moving, fantastic, glorious public art project ever. this should stay up as long as cave art. what a privilege to be not only the first people to comment, but also to be right up there on the wall, next to the each other and next to one of the artists.

fantastic work! well done!

love josh and shu
love shu and josh