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i am here is produced by Fugitive Images, an artist collaboration founded in 2009. This artist collaboration grew out of a desire by the artists to capture the peculiar moment of the place where they live and work immediately prior to it being demolished. Haggerston Estate is suspended somewhere between it first being occupied in the 1930's and imminent demolition in 2009, a place in transformation, in wait.

We recognize that working directly with specific contexts requires a set of artistic practices distinct from those emerging out of the studio and gallery nexus. Outside of the highly controlled narrative environment of the white cube and exposed to a multitude of social, economic and political forces it is no longer possible to maintain the illusion of being in control of context. We recognize that we are neither the sole originators of meaning nor interpretation but rather an interlocutor in ongoing dialogue with the context we are working within.

Andrea explores, though filmmaking, text and photography, the grey zones between public and private memory. Working at the intersection between documentary and fiction, her practice aims to explore the production of history and everyday life within it. She recently completed "Estate, a Reverie", the last in a trilogy of works on the Haggerston estate (estatefilm.co.uk) and is currently in post production for "Prisoner of War", which is about a special forces commander whose life inspired the Rambo films. She made, in collaboration with Lasse Johansson and Tristan Fennell, the public art installation "i am here" [2009-2012] and the book "Estate" [Myrdle Court Press,2010].

Lasse Johansson uses film and installation to explore the formation of public spaces and the identities they give rise to. He has curated large-scale public art works, most notably Contemplation Room, Copenhagen. A major part of the project consisted of a printed publication distributed across Copenhagen appropriating the form of the now ubiquitous free daily newspaper such as Metro, London Lite etc.

Tristan Fennell works with photography and installation to explore the spaces between individual and the surrounding urban landscapes. Tristan has just completed a two-year photography project investigating how objects in the green spaces in Tokyo are used by the homeless communities and the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, to enable or disable it as a dwelling space. His work has been exhibited in various festivals and galleries in Dublin, Tokyo and Singapore.

Andrea completed a practice based PhD at Central St. Martins College of Art in 2007 ["the spectral and spectacular performance of political violence"]. Lasse and Tristan are recent graduates of Goldsmith's MA at the Centre for Urban and Community Research, and have collaborated on previous projects.

email: info@fugitiveimages.org.uk


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